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What a conincidence

November 20, 2011

It’s ironic that last Thursday, I was talking to my mom about The King James Bible and how ill equipped Christians are when it comes to knowledge of theology and history.

It’s ironic that our discussion was “it was produced for selfish gain by King James” and other things fed to me by Liberal University.

So, imagine my surprise when this Sunday (today), the sermon was about The Word of God, it’s importance, the need for people to realize it isn’t just an obsolete form of literature and that It has been standing the test of time since it’s conception:

“The two greatest influences on the shaping of the English language are the works of William Shakespeare and the English translation of the Bible from 1611. The King James Bible- named for the British king who ordered the production of a translation in 1604- is both a religious and literary classic. 19th century writers and literary critics acclaimed it as the “noblest monument of English prose”

Personally, I prefer an amplified version( because it’s closest to original Greek and Hebrew in meaning) or good ol’ NIV.

But: Coincidence that this topic happens to fall on the exact sunday after my deep pondering of Christianity and knowledge?

I think not.

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