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Rant “How may I help you?”

November 24, 2011

I have a problem with tipping.

Not in that I don’t tip, but that tipping has come way out of hand in the last century.
I went to dinner last night with my family and as we were about to leave, my parents contemplated how much they were going to leave the waitress. Courteousy tells us we should give 20% of what our bill comes to…

That means, the  waitress would have made what I make working in one hour, 30 seconds before we left our table. Being the individual that I am, I started to wonder :

Isn’t that your job anyways? I didn’t know I was inconveniencing you by asking for more water or expecting YOU, not me, to go get my dish from the kitchen.

This essay probably sounds mean, and im some ways it sorta is. Im just tired of having to give give give extra money away because you were doing what you were supposed to. I work in retail so we don’t get tips (im not even commissioned, just “super helpful”) but im still expected to perform my best and help customers out with whatever they need regardless of if I’ll potentially be given 20% of their 100$ total. (Once time actually, I helped this couple out and he ended up giving me the rest of his change, “Thanks for all your help,” he said “buy yourself a coffee on break!” I feel like this is more along the lines of what tipping use to or SHOULD look like: someone recognizing that what you did was above and beyond what you should have done.)

So, unless you provide me with FABULOUS service (and im talking to you, lady at the Veg Out restaurant who came to our table only TWICE in our 2 1/2 hour stay and probably thought she should have gotten more than she did) don’t expect a large tip from me.

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  1. January 6, 2012 10:11 pm

    Wow, I’m shocked you feel this way. You should check out my blog:
    I hope it gives you some insight as to how hard we work.

    • January 6, 2012 10:37 pm

      I thoroughly enjoy your site! You would be amazed as to how many of your posts can be applied to the retail industry. But this “rant” was written after a string of really bad customer service and in no way is a generalization of the restaurant industry, I hope you didn’t take it personally.

      Just as there are stores which provide horrible customer service, there are restaurants which do the same.

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