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Movies are the best

January 2, 2012

My break is almost over (cue crying) and non-stop schooling is about to begin.  As I wrote all my exams and papers and dry-heaved through presentations last semester, one thing got me through all of it; one thing made it all worth it: an education (SURE) but also

Two weeks of blissful freeeeeeeeeeeedom.

And as I slaved through my University library, carrying vintage Jane Austen case study books( that seemed to have been opened once and only once- 100 years ago) I kept telling myself: just make it till december and you will have so much free time you wont even know what do do with it.

I pep-talked myself correctly! There were moments, and still are, where I just don’t know what to do with myself! But I can say that this winter break was devoted to:

Ample Movie Watching!
(so much movie watching it fact it desevred to be capitalized and bolded!)

So here’s the list of movies I watched over the course of two-ish weeks (in no order):
Une Femme est une Femme
Pierrot le Fou
A bout de souffle
Mona Lisa Smile *
One Day
The Holiday
About a Boy
Veronica Mars seasons 1,2&3 (not a movie, I know)
Super 8*
My Weekend With Marilyn*
The Muppet movie
Midnight in Paris
It’s a Wonderful Life
Miss Petigrew Lives for a Day
500 Days of Summer

Without a doubt, the most movies I’ve ever watched in one time was during the span of these two weeks. And I make no apologies!

* upcoming posts

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